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* [[KernelClientTesting|How to test the Linux kernel client against Samba]]
* [[KernelClientTesting|How to test the Linux kernel client against Samba]]
* [[Saving_RPC_FAULTs|Saving packets that failed to parse to test IDL fixes using ndrdump]]
= Bug reporting =  
= Bug reporting =  

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How can I contribute

Release planning

Source code

  • GitWeb
  • master (current Samba development for future releases)
For more info on available branches, as well how to obtain the sources via a Git client, see the samba.org devel page.

Debugging / Testing

Bug reporting



Clustered Samba

Building Samba

Building packages

Google Summer of Code

Historical Documentation on the Development of Samba4

  • Franky: A Hybrid Samba Active Directory Controller (outdated!)