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* [https://github.com/samba-team/samba Official Samba GitHub Mirror]
* [https://github.com/samba-team/samba Official Samba GitHub Mirror]
== Samba codebase organization ==
{{:Samba codebase organization overview}}
The Samba codebase is broken down in detail in the '''[[Samba_codebase_organization|Samba codebase organization page]]'''.
= Debugging / Testing =
= Debugging / Testing =

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How can I contribute

Release planning

Source code

Samba development is stored in the Git SCM system. See Using Git for Samba Development for more detail on how Samba uses Git.

Two web interfaces are:

Samba codebase organization

Broadly speaking, the Samba source-code tree can be organized into the following major groups:

  • Top-level libraries, which contains common code shared amongst the Samba processes.
  • Source3, which is code primarily used by the file server and domain member.
  • Source4, which is code primarily used by the Active Directory Domain Controller.
  • Infrastructure components, which provide the build and test framework for Samba.
  • Autogenerated code, which is used for parsing DCE/RPC packets as well as other regularly structured buffers.

The Samba codebase is broken down in detail in the Samba codebase organization page.

Debugging / Testing

Writing and running Samba tests

Debugging help

Development testing

Bug reporting




Clustered Samba

Building Samba

Building packages

Google Summer of Code

Historical Documentation on the Development of Samba4

  • Franky: A Hybrid Samba Active Directory Controller (outdated!)

Academic Writings etc.