Creating Custom Paper Sizes

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Enabling new paper sizes (Forms)

Only standard sizes of formulars are included by default. If you require other forms, you have to add them.

  • Start the „Print Management“ Console (printmanagement.msc).
  • Expand the „Print Servers“ node. If your print server isn't listed, add it, via right-click / „Add/Remove Servers...“.
File:Add Printserver.png
  • If you navigate to the „Forms“ node for your Print Server, you see a list of all configured forms.
Print Management Forms.png
  • Right-click to the „Forms“ entry in the navigation bar. The print server forms tab appears.
  • Check „Create a new form“, and fill the values. In the end click „Save Form“, to save your changes.
File:Create new form.png

The newly added paper sizes will be selectable from all printer dialogs now.