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This page contains ideas for the Google Code In. If you're interested in contributing to Samba (but not participating in the Google Code In) this page might also be useful to you, but please edit the wiki to indicate you are working on a particular idea .

Switch standalone TDB to use waf-based build. Level: easy

Switch standalone talloc to use waf-based build. Level: easy

Write a manual page for samba-tool Level: easy

write a manual page for tevent Level: medium

Convert py* utilities in samba-gtk to use optparse Level: medium

Design an icon for one of the samba-gtk tools Level: medium

Support macro to allow subsystems to specify what system functionality they need in libreplace Level: hard

Automatically create /var/run/samba directory if it doesn't exist (bug 7261) Level: medium

Extend libnet to support managing services Level: hard

Integrate Luk's script into upgrade_from_samba3 Level: hard