Build Samba from Source

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This document describes how to build Samba from source.

It can be used for any kind of Samba installation (Samba AD DC, Member Server, Samba PDC, etc.).

Samba Operating System Requirements

See OS Requirements.

Obtaining Samba

See Obtaining Samba.

Compile Samba

To build Samba, run the following commands out of the root of your Samba source directory:

 $ ./configure
 $ make

The above command will setup Samba to install in /usr/local/samba/.

It's recommended to run

$ ./configure --help

to check out the possible configure options, to adapt your installation.

If you are using a development version of Samba or require a build with extra debug information, that may help to diagnose in case of failure, add the following option to „configure“:


To include the Samba selftest („make test“) in the build, add the following option to „configure“:


Install Samba

To install Samba, run the following command in your Samba source directory as user „root“:

# make install

If the man pages are not found, add this line to /etc/manpath.config

MANDATORY_MANPATH /usr/local/samba/share/man

Upgrading a source version

See Updating Samba.