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Azure AD Connect cloud sync - Agent installation and configuration


  • samba4 AD-DC (tested with 4.17.6/4.18.0 (with password patch included)
  • samba-tool domain functionalprep --function-level=2012_R2 run successfully
  • samba-tool domain schemaupgrade --schema=2012_R2 run successfully
  • Windows Server 2016 in english language. If, for example, an attempt is made to install the agent on a German-language system, the process terminates when the services are started.
  • .NET-Framework Version 4.7.1
  • aad-connect user, member of the Enterprise Admin group. (You will need it for the configuration wizard to connect to the local Active Directory).

Install the Agent:

  • Sign in to the server you'll use with enterprise admin permissions
  • Sign in to the Azure portal, and then go to Azure Active Directory
  • In the left menu, select Azure AD Connect
  • Select Manage cloud sync > Review all agents
  • Download the Azure AD Connect provisioning agent from the Azure portal


With agent version, by default, when you run the agent configuration wizard, you are prompted to setup Group Managed Service Account (GMSA). In this scenario you can skip the GMSA installation:

  • Run the agent installer as Administrator to install the new agent binaries. Close the agent configuration wizard which opens up automatically after the installation is successful.
  • Use the 'Run' menu item to open the registry editor (regedit.exe)
  • Locate the key folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Azure AD Connect Agents\Azure AD Connect Provisioning Agent
  • Right-click and select "New -> DWORD Value"
  • Provide the name: UseCredentials
  • Double-click on the Value Name and enter the value data as 1.


  • After this operation, start the configuration wizard to enter data to Microsoft 365 and for the connection to the local Active Directory (aad-connect user)


Verify Agent Installation on Azure portal:

  • Sign in to the Azure portal
  • Select Azure Active Directory > Azure AD Connect. In the center, select Manage cloud sync.


  • Select Review all agents


On the On-premises provisioning agents screen, you see the agents you installed. Verify that the agent in question is there and is marked 'active'


Verify Agent Installation on the local server:

  • Open Services as Administrator by either navigating to it or by going to Start > Run > Services.msc.

Make sure Microsoft Azure AD Connect Agent Updater and Microsoft Azure AD Connect Provisioning Agent are there and their status is 'Running'.


After you install the Azure AD Connect provisioning agent, you need to log in to the Azure portal and configure it.

Blocking issues

At a technical level, the issue is that the tool would request the user's password via their GUID, and this was previously not a method that other tools had used, nor was used by normal operations in Active Directory, so was unsupported. Fixed with 4.17.6 and 4.18.0