7.1.2 zone file

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7.1.2: zone file

In our named.conf file we have the following zone defined;

zone "differentialdesign.org" {
       type master;
       file "/data/dnszones/differentialdesign.org/named.differentialdesign.org.hosts";
       allow-update { none; };

We can see the zone file located in /data/dnszones/


Create a sub folder where we will store our zone files.

[root@node1 ~]# mkdir /data/dnszones/differentialdesign.org/


Create a new file called named.differentialdesign.org.hosts.

[root@node1 ~]# vi /data/dnszones/differentialdesign.org/named.differentialdesign.org.hosts

You will see below that nodes.differentialdesign.org. IN is an “A record” which points us to the virtual IP address of the cluster. When setting up mapped drives it is best to use the name instead of IP address.

$TTL 8h
differentialdesign.org.    IN      SOA     cluster.differentialdesign.org.  asender.mail.samba.org. (
                       86400 )
differentialdesign.org.            IN      NS               cluster.differentialdesign.org.
differentialdesign.org.            IN      NS               ns1.differentialdesign.org.
differentialdesign.org.            IN      NS               ns2.differentialdesign.org.
differentialdesign.org.            IN      MX      50     mail.differentialdesign.org.
mail.differentialdesign.org.           IN      A   
www.differentialdesign.org.          IN      A   
cluster.differentialdesign.org.       IN      A  
node1.differentialdesign.org.      IN      A   
node2.differentialdesign.org.      IN      A   
nodes.differentialdesign.org.        IN      A