1.4 Samba Security

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1.0: Configuring Samba

2.0: Configuring LDAP

3.0: Initialization LDAP Database

4.0: User Management

5.0: Heartbeat HA Configuration

6.0: DRBD


Table of Contents

1.1 smb.conf PDC

1.2 smb.conf BDC

1.3 /etc/hosts

1.4 Samba Security

There are many additional features we can add to Samba to make it more secure. We can add some additional comments to our smb.conf to achieve this.

One of the great features of Samba is the “host allow =” option. This can be applied on a global scale to all the shares in the smb.conf by placing the global section of the smb.conf or to specific shares, but not both.

The example limits access to Samba shares to clients on the network as it is defined it in the glocal section of the smb.conf.

## /etc/samba/smb.conf

## Global parameters

workgroup = DDESIGN
security = user
hosts allow =

For the enthusiast, we can use this option on a per share basis, which provides us with greater flexability.

This limits access to this share to the client with the IP address; you of course can use multiple addresses.

## /etc/samba/smb.conf

## ==== Share Definitions =====

comment = share to test samba
path = /data/documents
writeable = yes
browseable = yes
read only = no
valid users = "@Domain Users"
hosts allow =