Writing Tests summary

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Most changes to Samba should have a test to demonstrate the bug being fixed, or test the feature being added. Most tests are run using 'make test' from a Samba source tree.

See writing and running Samba tests but in particular:

  • Writing Torture Tests: smbtorture in the source4/torture directory and provides direct C protocol tests.
  • Writing Python Tests: If the protocol under test is DCERPC, then PIDL will have already auto-generated Python bindings. Likewise LDAP is easily accessed via LDB.
  • Writing cmocka Tests: Idea for unit tests of C functions.
  • LDB: Tests for LDB are in lib/ldb/tests and are run from make test within lib/ldb
  • CTDB: Tests for CTDB are written as shell scripts under ctdb/tests and are run from make test within ctdb