Talk:Administer Unix Attributes in AD using samba-tool and ldb-tools

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Not to the wiki, but: it's probably a good idea to let samba-tool to dump account (user/group/computer/etc) info into a file and load it from file, - in a way similar to what "samba-tool user edit foo" does but not using interactive editor. This way it is scriptable and no ldapmodify is needed. Well, it already is semi-scriptable, by specifying --editor=/some/where/myscript which modifies the file as needed, but separate dump+load is definitely easier. There's a way to dump object info - "samba-tool user show foo", - but not to import this info back in a way "samba-tool user edit foo" does.

About this page - it probably should go or at least be restructured. As far as I can see, samba always adds the necessary schema and fills in atributes for some objects (eg Domain Users group always has gidNumber). And since all object types are edited in a similar way, there's no need to repeat the same steps for different object types, it's enough to give a way how it's done.

And given the fact that unix attributes are not different from other object attributes, there's little sense for this page to exist in the first place :) Yes, samba-tool has separate options for unix attributes, but even that, I think, is not necessary - it can be changed to accept --uid-number/--home-directory/etc with "samba-tool user edit" just like it works for ".. user create".