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List of scalable Key/Value Stores

For an overview of Consistency Models see Jepsen or Wikipedia. Note: LWT are defined as multiple operations on a single key.

Name Type Consistency Model Transactions C Client Notes
ctdb K/V Volatile DBs: Prefix-Linearizable?
Persistent DBs: Strict Serializability
etcd K/V Linearizability LWT ("mini") yes Why?
Ceph Rados K/V Linearizability LWT via Object Operations yes
FoundationDB K/V Strict Serializability yes yes Architecture review
YugabyteDB SQL Single-key Linearizability with LWT yes yes
Apache Cassandra 1-4 CQL Configurable, highest:
Single-key Linearizability with LWT
yes yes
Apache Cassandra 5 CQL Upcoming:
Strict Serializability [1]
yes yes
CockroachDB SQL Serializable+, Strong Partition Serializability LWT yes Jepsen
ScyllaDB CQL Single-key Linearizability with LWT LWT yes Intel DPDK via Seastar
tikv K/V Strong Consistency[2] yes (Percolator based) no (C++)
Apache Pegasus ? ? ? no (C++)
Apache HBase ? ? ? ?
Apache Ignite ? ? ? ?
Riak K/V Linearizability No ?

Rapid Samba dbwrap backend prototyping

A new dbwrap backend called dbwrap_py that calls into Python for the database operations. Available backends:

Strict-serializability, can we get away with something weaker?

List of Opensource Clustered Filesystems

Name Built on-top of Object Storage Notes
Ceph yes
GlusterFS no
JuiceFS yes
MooseFS no
ObjectiveFS yes
Lustre no
BeegFS no