The release checklist:

  • Make sure the testsuite passes
  • Make sure various things work against Windows
  • Update WHATSNEW4.txt
  • Check out v4-0-test
    git checkout remote/v4-0-test -b v4-0-test
  • Merge master onto v4-0-test
    git merge master-devel
  • Push branches and tags up to
    git push ssh:// v4-0-test:v4-0-test
  • Invite last-moment testing of the v4-0-test branch
  • Create the release tarball (./source4/script/
  • Test that the release works when built from the tarball
  • Check out v4-0-stable
    git checkout remote/v4-0-stable -b v4-0-stable
  • Merge to v4-0-stable
    git merge v4-0-test
  • Create a tag in git
    git tag -s release-4-0-0XXXX
  • Push branches and tags up to
    git push ssh:// --tags v4-0-stable:v4-0-stable
  • Upload to
  • Send out the release announcement to
  • Update with news of the new release
  • Update VERSION in the main branch for the next release
  • Party time!