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How to get Samba running on AIX

You can either compile Samba yourself or install precompiled Samba packages from third party vendors.

Install Samba from source

For various reasons getting Samba built on AIX can be a bit challenging. It is recommended to compile Samba with the native xlc compiler from IBM, you will need to install also a number of other third party packages first, which also depends on the features that you want to compile into your Samba binary.

Install Samba binary packages

Much easier than compiling Samba on AIX on your own is using pre-built binary packages from third party vendors:

  • SAMBA+ for AIX is a commercially supported Samba distribution for AIX 7 from SerNet
  • Bull Freeware used to offer a lot of RPM based AIX packages, also Samba for AIX 6, but this is offering is going to be discontinued on March 2022